To promote the excellent preparation of succeeding generations of children as leaders, in all walks of life, so that they may attain their fullest potential as individuals, enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives, and contribute to world peace, progress, and prosperity.

Our Commitment: Strengthening our ability to champion solutions essential to the future success of our children is at the top of our agenda. We will not rest despite the progress that is being made as it is only in this way that we can influence national policy related to developing future leaders.

Five-Point Strategy for Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc. believes that leaders are made, not born. Since building tomorrow's leaders is at the core of the Foundation's activities, we have developed a five-point strategy for achieving this goal. This strategy, along with the community service agenda, sets the framework upon which the Foundation's grant making rests. Programs the Foundation funds must embrace at least one of the following five points.

  1. Seek to foster the building of character within children.
  2. Aim to instill cultural consciousness and intellectual, moral, practical and emotional responsibility in children.
  3. Cultivate and promote projects that provide children with the opportunities and challenges to learn about leadership.
  4. Target Foundation resources toward grant proposals that emphasize listening, learning, thinking and problem-solving.
  5. Design, implement and support programs that provide leadership training for children.